Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm A Machine

Today was a win. I feel like I'm back to hitting my stride. Got up, walked/jogged 2 miles (still at 20 min miles) and made a healthy breakfast. We are going to call my standard breakfasts the Lesli scramble so I don't have to write it out every time. It's super easy. Here's the recipe:
Lesli Scramble
2 Crimini mushrooms (any kind will do)
2.5 cups of baby spinach
4 egg whites
1 Roma tomato
1 tbs Parmesan cheese
Cooking Spray

Spray a small skillet with cooking spray and heat on medium. Slice mushrooms and saute in pan until tender. (about 3 min) Add spinach and heat through. Add egg whites and scramble. Remove from heat and add Parmesan. Slice tomato and put on top or the side.

See? So easy! You can make them ahead of time and freeze as well. I usually add 8 oz of Naked Juice Green Machine.

For lunch I had a Caesar salad with 4 oz of grilled chicken breast. The dressing was egg and anchovy free. Dinner was steak salad. Mixed greens, pan seared steak (6oz) lite Caesar dressing, some shaved parm, diced tomato and avocado with some fresh squeezed lemon. So good and so easy. I stole the recipe from Taryn! Shhhh.....

Here comes the best part. Tonight at boot camp I ran. Well fast jogged. For a whole trip around the block! (I didn't run in front of the bar down the street due to my previous post.) I was super stoked on myself. I actually had a good/hard workout. I am super amped that I have more energy and I know it's not a coincidence that it happened at the same time that I am working out more, eating better and cutting out all the processed crap. I am in a better mood. It's so funny. We tell ourselves that what we're doing is good enough or that the extra fries or shake aren't going to make a difference but they totally do. I feel lighter body and soul. Weird. :)

Just a helpful tip, I find it easier to stay on track when I track my calories. I know, I know. Who has the time, I don't want to know, I hate counting calories. really does help and this comes from a former anti-counter. I use the Daily Plate from because you can track just about anything and they have a whole fitness tracker. It's not entirely exact (If it says spinach has 1 gram of fat use your noggin) but use common sense and you'll be fine. For instance today I consumed 1350 calories today and burned 1270. If that doesn't motivate you to keep going I don't know what will. :) Tonight I will go to sleep knowing that I was a kick ass machine and that feels pretty good.

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