Friday, August 10, 2012

Whiskey River

So yesterday was a super crazy day with cupcakes and kids and life. Every Thursday night I run a pub trivia at my friend Johnny's bar. So there wasn't a moment to stop. I ate well all day even though I was go go go. I was in such a hurry though that I forgot to eat dinner. (This kids is called foreshadowing.) There weren't enough teams to play so we ended up hanging out with our friends and sharing some adult beverages. Now folks, there are three things I drink. Whiskey, water and Diet Coke. As I was sitting at the bar talking with Nycole and drinking my Jack Daniels, I looked at myself in the mirror behind the bar. And folks something awesome happened. I didn't hate my face! I didn't look the other way. I was actually stoked that I didn't look like I had the mumps. It was a really cool moment. It's been a while since I could face myself in the mirror in public. Yay! Well as the night progressed so did the cocktails. We went to my friends bar in downtown HB and it just went from bad to worse and before I knew it I was up to my eyeballs in IHOP. That's not really on the Spartan challenge training menu. This is why you shouldn't go out on an empty stomach. A. There was so much more room for alcohol and B. by the end of the night I was starving. I am not proud of what I ate. I did not make smart choices. Junky food seems to taste like shame in the morning. So it was a long night which made for a long day today. I did not go for a walk this morning. I tried not to get down on myself and all I can do is make better choices today. I had Native Foods for lunch and although I did have sweet potato fries (hangover=grease=feel better) I tried to eat as clean as I could. I am going downtown to meet up with some friends and yes I will be partaking in a little hair of the dog but I am eating a good dinner before I go and limiting my beverage intake. I have boot camp in the morning and since I will be with Taryn tonight I don't have an excuse to get out of it.

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  1. no more missing a bootcamp ever!