Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rome Wasn't Built In Two Days Either

Alright, so I am not going to lie. I was feeling a bit grumpy and was totally going to ditch out on boot camp tonight. I had this amazing plan to eat crap food and watch crap T.V. and just totally junk out myself body and soul. My whole drive home from running errands I had convinced myself and proclaimed my glorious plan to my friend Nycole. Then right as I was about to drop her off I uttered the words...I think I am going to boot camp. This tiny little voice inside my head said "blog." Oh yeah, I would have to publicly tell everyone that I had failed today. Pride out won my laziness and I had my partner in crime Emily pick me up.
Emily, Me, Nycole

Upon arriving at boot camp it was clear that we were all in a less than stellar mood. Then Taryn surprised us (Yay!) that we were going to do our first mini spartan workout! So exciting! (Insert sarcasm here) Run, jump, plank, run, squat. Truth I walked instead of ran thanks to some "sports" injuries but it was rough. In fact I was pretty discouraged. Today made me realize that I have a lot farther to go and I have a tough road ahead of me. It's hard to remember how far I have come in the last 2 months when I feel like I have to start all over. Another discouraging thing was that as part of our walk/run we had to go by the bar around the corner from Crave. As I walked by there were some jack asses that looked like men and of course they had to comment on my bust which of course made me self conscious. After boot camp Emily and I went for a walk and came home. The first thing I wanted to do was shove food in my mouth to relieve some of the negative feelings. I had corn dogs and buffalo chicken wings but fear not. As a compromise with myself they were Morning Star Veggie products. I also had salad and some lowfat mac and cheese. Not the best things I could have eaten, I know. I had egg whites and wheat toast for breakfast, a tofurkey sandwich on a multigrain sandwich thin for lunch and a couple slices of tofurkey and soy cheese for a snack so I am calling the whole day a wash. Tomorrow I'll work on a better way to address my negative body image and how I feel. For now I'm going to paint my nails and watch that crap T.V.

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