Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Success! I made it on my walk this morning and guess who has two thumbs and jogged this morning? That's right! This girl. Granted it wasn't for very long but it's a start! So I jogged/walked for 2 miles this morning doing a 20 minute mile. As I was walking I my legs and arches of my feet started to really hurt. I don't have pain when I walk in my 6 inch wedges so why was walking in sneakers hurting? Then it occurred to me. It's my shoes! I need to get a new pair. So between my worn out shoes and my falling apart workout clothes I came to the realization that I need new gear. To be successful at anything you have to have the right tools and this is definitely no exception. Now anyone that knows me knows about my love of shoes. So this was a double bonus! Since I don't have a whole lot to spend I did some research and after trying on some different pairs I went with the Nike Revolutions. They are moderately priced, got great reviews and felt really good. When I get some more money saved I will go over to A Snail's Pace and have myself custom fitted but till then these will seem like a pretty good fit. I also went to Old Navy and stocked up on pants and shirts. I know it's totally chickish but I was actually excited to work out and try out my new gear! (Hey wherever you can find motivation!)

I got measured today (yes I know it's not Monday) and it was good and bad. As of today here are my stats:
Arms: 15, Waist: 50, Hips: 50 and Thighs: 25.
I stayed the same everywhere but I went down an inch in my thighs and according to Taryn we tend to "punctuation" weight in our arms and bellies. So the inch in the thighs shows that it's working and for as off track as I've been the last few days at least I stayed the same. Yes I know I need to up my expectations.

Tonight folks Taryn broke my heart. Now, as previously mentioned, I love whiskey. It makes me happy. She told me tonight that we have to break up. That's my love Jack is no good for me and that it's creating extra weight. If that wasn't enough she had to kick me while I was down and told me I have to give up Diet Coke. Le sigh. I need to listen to her because deep down I know she's right, but sometimes us girls just love those bad boys. She told me I have to switch to vodka soda. And silly me, I tried to negotiate but even though she's tiny Taryn held her ground. We did negotiate the terms of our divorce though. I have till Sunday to break it off with Diet Coke and Jack Daniels. Eventually it will become that ex boyfriend that we occasionally see just to remind ourselves why we broke up and to let them know we are better off without them. But until Sunday I am gonna love the eff out of my bad for me whiskey.

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