Monday, September 24, 2012

The "Guilty" Talk

Today I woke up feeling a little more back to normal. I got up, did a 2 mile walk/run. Made myself a healthy breakfast (leftover pesto chicken, egg whites, spinach, fat free feta, and a tomato), made some cupcakes and got to the grocery store. While there I found these (see below) 0 grams of sugar and a pre-made meal replacement which will be handy for those days where I am go go go. They don't have to be refrigerated which is even better cause I can take them on the road with me. Woo! I don't know about you but I am all about food convenience and anything that makes my life easier, I am all for it. I also love anything that's pre-portion controlled because it's one less thing I have to think about. There is no reason that eating healthy has to be hard. Sometimes it's gonna take a little work but hey, find shortcuts where you can.

Boot camp was cancelled so Emily and I went for a 4 mile walk on the beach. I have never understood people who worked out multiple times a day. I was like, you people are crazy. I have enough trouble getting my butt to the gym once a day let alone many times. But I am finding that more and more, I'm working out multiple times a day. Cardio in the am, boot camp in the pm. I am turning into one of those crazy people! We didn't get our measurements today so I can't give you an update but I will say my waist has been making an appearance again. Outside of actual measurements, I am feeling so much better. I am finding that exercise is a great way to boost my mood. Like Friday night I went to bed thinking, I am going to get up and go for a run/walk and get my day going right. Saturday morning my alarm went off and I thought, maybe I will just sleep. I was so cozy. Then I thought, sexy isn't gonna happen by sleeping. So I got up, put my shoes on and headed out with all those other crazy people at 7am. I got home and I felt better and I did not have to have the "guilty" talk with myself later in the day. You know that talk. The one where you talk yourself out of doing something you should have done then throughout the day the guilt creeps in and you at first try to justify it. "I worked hard this week, I deserve a day off" or "I'll just eat really good today." Then the frustration sets in and you get mad at yourself and think, "why didn't I just do it when I had the time?" Then you give up and tell yourself  "I'm only human and tomorrow is another day and I'll do better." It's a lot of weight to carry around but I'm finding I have to have those conversations less and less lately. :)

 Helpful tip: Workout where you can. I do leg lifts while I'm baking, wall push-ups while I wait for the microwave, calf raises when I'm standing around.

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