Wednesday, September 12, 2012


"In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices."
Dr. Kathleen Hall

We are all a product of the choices we have made. Good, bad or indifferent. Every moment of everyday we are making choices. You choose to get out of bed. To shower. What to wear. To go to work. To not go to work. Then there's life. Life throws us these curve balls on a daily basis. Some small and some big, but there are always life variables daily. We are lucky. We get to choose how to deal with these variables. You get to control everything. I've been thinking a lot about attitude. There are for the most part two distinct types of people in the world. The negative and the positive. I am a positive person. Yes I get down but I don't stay there for long and I try to find the good in everything, even the really shitty stuff. I don't always get to the silver lining right away but I do get there. If something bad happens it's your choice to stay angry, sad or upset. No one else can make you feel that way. It's a hard thing to accept the responsibility that comes from being your own decision maker. To take ownership that all your thoughts and actions lie solely within yourself. Because it doesn't just mean taking credit for the good decisions, it also means accepting that you made poor decisions as well. I made the decision to take the fitness and health journey as a good decision. I haven't lost the exact amount of weight I wanted to because I made some poor decisions. I could choose to feel sorry for myself or I could choose to use my prior disappointments as motivation to do better. I am choosing to use my failures as a springboard to success. It's a pretty powerful thing knowing that I have the power to shape my own destiny. My thought for all of you today is choose to do better. Choose to move forward. Choose to be happy. Take yourself wherever it is that you want to go. Use your past misses as fuel to aim for the next target. You can do it! I know I can. :)  Everyday you gotta find that PMA.....

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